Act like you know

by C.A.M

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The track is an introduction to my style and flow and calibre, and to show listeners that the golden sound of boom bap is live and kicking !

My style will be explored fully in my debut project 'The First Move' which I aim for release in late August. The project will feature collabs with CW Jones and Parallax, with production from Wickstarr and Chro.

Watch the video:


i gathered moss roaming lost in my dreaming,
touch candy floss skies watch the sun cross into the evening,
time slows as my pen starts bleeding my heart beating the vibration of the seed that plants Eden,
see my art breathing, life, under the catacombs,
make the fearful fearless wander out they panic rooms ,
you want a piece of my mind inhale the acid fumes,
until then sit back and vibe to your lonely planet blues,
my magic moves leaves you dumbfounded stuck in awe,
raw pulling on your heartstrings like its a tug of war,
doors of perception opened up to the law of one,
now i see beauty in the rot of this morbid slum,
chores aint done till the four horseman come and turn ya mind to ash, touch it with the core of the sun, winds of disorder stored in my lung, i spit lava down the mountains that i formed from a crumb
metaphors that i breath transport you from the claws of the beast, absorb thoughts from the source feel the force of its heat, lifted imagery pours from my core when i breath, my vivid literacy roars like the sores of the sea

i spit Epiphanys guiding my hope and dreams,
paralyse them foes and fiends and no hope loathsome teens,
travel the distance of light in a solar beam,
strangle the demons that i fight till my soul is clean,
the novelist i pen verses non-monotonous,
curses ominous sending verbal serpents to the necropolis,
reppin the underground we dont boast of opulence,
shredding them fuckin clowns overdosed on their confidence,
iv never begged for compliments i practise humility,
the essence of my consciousness im capturing it vividly,
never no somnolence nah rapture is the remedy,
now im founding my dominance with calibre thats heavenly


released June 4, 2017
Produced by DJ Daredevil
Cuts by DJ Dareveil



all rights reserved


C.A.M London, UK

Hard, intelligent lyricism with an esoteric edge, my aim to to make the listener engage in their own path of introspection. I dont fuck with gimmicks nor do I write for anyone but myself. If you want to hear about fat stacks, champagne and gucci then your on the wrong page! ... more

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